Livefestival was born on October 10, 2007!

Patrick Pitz and Christophe Schutz are at the origin of the project. Great music lovers, they have joined forces to create this unique media in Belgium.

The site has rapidly evolved and many recognized festivals have given us confidence.

In 2008, Livefestival gave birth to its youngest: the Livefestival magazine. The latter has lived 4 glorious issues (2008-2011), printed more than 15,000 copies and distributed on many festivals in Belgium. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned in 2012 for lack of financial means.

Christophe left the project and Dorian Grégoire took up the torch. In appearance they continued to the development of the media. New prestigious partners such as Sonisphère Festival, Ward’in Rock and many others joined the collaboration.

Numerous competitions and meetings with artists such as Beverly Jo Scott, Machiavelli allowed some Livefestival visitors to meet their stars and take away their tickets.

In 2015 the project was put aside to study its future, Dorian focused on his musician road .

The Livefestival media continued to exist on Facebook thanks to the long-time photographers (Christel, J.P., Francis and Maxime). They continued to crisscross Belgium to capture the best shots.

Summer 2016: Livefestival reborn! Patrick and Dominique take the project in hand and decide to give it a second wind. We will be ready to celebrate, together , the 10 years of the media.

Evolution of the website