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La Truite Magique

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Rock Pop
2018-08-10 - 2018-08-12

Finally we’ve made up our minds: There’s no la Truite Magique in 2017 as we know it.
The reason: We, Bob & Henja, festival directors, have to pay more attention to our business as usual: our hotel in the LTM valley, our brand new 2-person cabanes and our live shows during the year.
But the good news is, we’re working on an exclusive extra small and exclusive version of La Truite Magique.

Festival La Truite Magique is hosted by Bob & Henja who moved from Eindhoven, NL, to the Ardennes woods.
Nestled in a valley their hotel is dedicated to maintaining the balance of art, nature and outdoor recreation. Every August the festival is held in their backyard.
La Truite Magique is an independent festival and is organized by a group a people wanting to create a small and intimate festival.......and there it is!


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